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Welcome to Floyd's Family Pharmacy

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Our pharmacy's mission is to improve the lives of our community by providing the highest level of care, compassion and understanding. Our focus is providing the highest quality products with trustworthy, safe, fast and friendly service. Our pharmacy staff provides expert advice and offers custom solutions to any need while conducting all business operations in an ethical manner. 

We are a full service pharmacy that will exceed all of your retail pharmacy needs as well as provide the highest quality in compounding services. We accept most insurances including:
    •Express Scripts Tricare
Optum Rx Medicaid and Medicare Part D
     •CVS Caremark Humana

       We also offer:

Free local delivery
Convenience of Drive thru
Prescription compounding services
Vaccinations administered by our expert pharmacists including flu, pneumonia and shingles. 

Come and join the family at Floyd's Family Pharmacy where "We Value Your Trust".  

Our customer service is second to none, and our customers are not just a number; they are part of our family.  When you first walk through the door you immediately feel the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Find Us

  • 1625 Highway 51 North Ste K
    Ponchatoula,LA 70454-6376
    (985) 386-2232
    (985) 386-2269
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